E911 for Avaya

RedSky solutions and Avaya Unified Communications work hand in hand to provide the ultimate in E911 protection.

Avaya DevConnect Tested
Avaya Aura® Session Manager
Avaya Aura® Communications Manager
Avaya CS 1000

For additional details on Avaya compliance testing, see RedSky on the DevConnect Marketplace.

RedSky Tested
Avaya Aura® Application Server 5300*
Avaya IP Office**
JITC Certification with Avaya Aura®

RedSky is an Avaya DevConnect member. RedSky's products work seamlessly with your Avaya call server platform so you get an integrated automated solution.

*AS5300 is not part of the devconnect program
**IP Office is compatibility tested with our PBX agnostic E911 Anywhere routing software but has not been certified

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