Protecting the Mobile Workforce

Protecting the Mobile Workforce

Whether an employee went to another floor for a meeting, around the corner for coffee, or across the country at a conference, RedSky's suite of mobility products ensure that your workforce can be found in the event of an emergency.
MyE911 for Mobile® - Location Tracking for Smartphones

RedSky is proud to announce MyE911 for Mobile®, a smartphone app that works with any UC softphone client to track the location of the smartphone inside and outside the enterprise.

  • Quick and Easy location determination for mobile users
  • Integrates with E911 Manager® or E911 Anywhere® for national 9-1-1 service
  • A single MyE911 license gives you protection on both a laptop UC client and a smartphone UC client


MyE911® - Location Tracking for Laptop Softphones

Redsky’s MyE911® allows softphone users to establish their exact location as they move within and outside the enterprise’s network providing up to date location data and national E911 protection.

RedSky: MyE911
  • Quick and easy location determination within your enterprise for softphone users
  • MyE911® is easy to integrate into your current voice environment and works with any softphone across all platforms
  • MyE911® also provides national E911 coverage when the user travels outside of the enterprise (hotel, home, off-site)
  • User’s location data is updated frequently ensuring up to date information in the event of an emergency
WiFi E911® for Mobile Networks

WiFi E911® is a software module on RedSky's award-winning E911 Manager® platform that works seamlessly with enterprise WiFi networks to track the location of WiFi phones in real time and provide routing instructions to the call server when a 9-1-1 call is made.

  • Stores a location database of all access points
  • Integrates with E911 Manager® to notify campus or corporate security of emergency caller’s exact location
  • Receives real-time events when a phone moves from one access point to another
  • Easy to install and set-up
Echo 911™

Echo 911 is a cloud-based solution that notifies your administration when a cellular based 9-1-1 call has taken place on your campus.

Echo 911

Echo 911 is a smart phone application that will notify campus security that a 9-1-1 call has been made by a cell phone within the boundary of a campus. Now, for the first time, campus security can have situational awareness of cell phone 9-1-1 calls on campus and get the location of the caller. This instant notification with location dramatically improves response time.

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