RedSky Partner Program

RedSky partners receive customized profit margins, first glances at new technology, specialized marketing collateral and access to partner resources specifically designed to augment sales opportunities.

The RedSky Partner Program enables our partners to further develop their VoIP portfolios, increase customer satisfaction and maximize profitability.

The program consists of three levels:

  • Gold Partners have demonstrated experience in selling and installing VoIP solutions and have RedSky-trained sales and technical staff to effectively sell and potentially install RedSky products. Gold Partners commit to a yearly sales target of $500K or greater.
  • Silver Partners are knowledgeable about telephony, VoIP, networking and E911 offers and commit to a yearly sales target of $25K or greater.
  • Registered Partners can sell RedSky solutions but have not committed to a specific sales volume or training plan.

For more information on becoming a RedSky partner, contact us or download and complete an application.

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